About us

The Tamil race is the first among the most ancient races of the world. The Tamil language is renowned for its pristine grammar and its literary achievements, the variety and aheer quantity of output of which are not found in any other language. The healing art of the Tamils, now called ‘Siddha Medicine’ is based on the cultural and social practices of the Tamils.

‘satthiyas Drugs’ is a pharma firm founded by Paramakudi vaidhyam Sri. Rama Kuppusamy, the seventh generation doctor in the family of generations of doctors who have considered the art of healing as their calling, their vocation. These generations of doctors made their own concoctions. The drug manufacturing companies were established after the coming of graduate doctors, especially after the coming of ‘IMCOPS’ the drug manufacturing cooperative of Indian doctors, at Adayar. This pet the trend of using these drugs to cure patients. This is an imported stage in the growth of Siddha Medicine. Here was an opportunity for Indian Medicine graduates as well as non-graduate, traditional practitioners to practice Indian medicine without any hitch.

In this context, Paramakudi Vaidhyam Sri. Rama Kuppusamy RIMP established ‘Satthiyas Drugs’ in 1973. His sons V.R.K Rishyasvingar RIMP, and V.K. Gopalan have played an important role in the concern, After the exit of Dr. Kuppusamy, his wife and sons took over the management. After 1992 the eighteen generation practitioner, Dr. V.K. Gopalan took over the reins.

The other son of Dr. Kuppusamy, Dr. V.K. Ramasamy BIM, M.D., her joined the management, after retain in 2014, as District Siddha Medical Officer of Health Department of Goverment of Tamilnadu. Welfare Department. ‘Satthiyas Drugs’, the siddha manufacturing concern is not a commercial ventre at its core; it has been established with the altruistic aims of taking the traditional and rare drugs to the poor and needy and of making the world realize the greatness of siddha practice of the Tamils.